Garbolino Super G power 14.5m pole
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    Default Garbolino Super G power 14.5m pole

    Garbolino Super G power pole in good used condition with no damage or repairs, comes with 4 x power kits and a short No4 section.

    This is what Garbolino said about it :-
    G Series Compatible, the Super G Power is totally interchangeable with the G10/9/8/60 & 50 poles giving all the permutations required for any UK pole fishing situation. Ultra smooth 'Slip n Slide finish' makes shipping quick and easy even in the wet. More speed ultimately puts more fish in your net! Designed using long mandrels and homogenized super modulus carbon construction which maximizes performance and durability, offering the strength and reliability that is required to compete at the highest level. Weighing a mere 720g at 11.5m, and 940g at 13m the Super G Power reduces angler fatigue to a minimum. All joints are reinforced both internally and externally as well as all critical stress points throughout the poles length. Designed specifically for the UK to produce a superb all-round pole suitable for comfortably fishing elastics to size 20 with the power kits, or to size 14 with the standard kits making the poles balance even better. The short number 4 section offers even more rigidity for fishing shallow.

    Wanting 400 including delivery by TNT.

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    350 including delivery

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