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Thread: Dead reds again

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    One of our lads started fishing the margins with Red ground-bait, potted in with dead reds, he then uses a died red prawn on the hook, this has won him a lot of our matches and a couple of opens,
    Of course those of us who are keen to knock him of the top spot, followed with the same method, but as yet we have failed, its his SKILL WE CAN NOT COPY[/QUOTE]

    I think your on the right lines because even though you know what he's doing he's got it sorted and knows you can't beat him off equal pegs. He knows when to change things etc and is very confident I guess because he's developed a method.

    Perhaps you need to adapt his method a little to suit yourself. Just a suggestion on some venues red seems to be the best colour of bait so why not try dead red pinkies as feed, red sweetcorn as a hook bait, even red worms if you can find them.

    The answer is to practice on the venue during match hours but not on a match and experiment with different things and develop your own method. Another thought I know a venue near me and this venue contains some big perch and a pleasure angler I know never failed to catch them on prawns. He was cupping in chopped prawns and was taking 6 bags of frozen economy prawns and using better prawns on the hook, might be worth trying and dyeing them red.

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    It's all part of the game (with some anglers) to put fellow anglers on the bank away with fake tactics.

    "Hope you've got plenty of Worms??" for example being firm favourite!!
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