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    I was selling Maver Poles before the Hexa Col... The models I sold a lot of were the Lithium 151, Runner and Thema. Sammy Mann was using Maver poles in 1988, they came via East Anglia Rod Co, Phil Briscoe and Julian Pardoe

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    I don't remember a Conny canal pole specifically, what I do remember is loads of the silver butt WTP125 (and 14m extension) being used on the canal circuit of the south & east midlands.
    I fished for Team Image at the time and I reckon over 75% of the squad had the pole.
    I sold mine on to Tony from cornerstone for his son, when I bought my Tourny pro in 2007.
    In many ways I still wish I had kept it - slim, robust and with some action.

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    I know East Anglian Rod company supplied Maver Poles.& had done for a While .
    What i should have said that the Hexa was 1st introduced before Maver Uk was formed by Bristow .
    with Clive Weldon as rep .
    Sammy Mann was using a Maver pole as Early as 1984,Brian Horsfall was the Agent for NWB From about 75 till
    Mid 80s

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    Did East Anglian also supply poles for Olympic called the Spiralite?Who made them and what were they like?I vaguely remember them being issued to Olympic Izaak Walton?


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