Heron and Grebe fishery, Bulkington
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    Default Heron and Grebe fishery, Bulkington

    Heron/grebe Fishery,Bulkington

    Just a warning to any clubs who have booked a match at the Heron and Grebe fishery, Bulkington which is situated next to Makins Phase 1.

    For those that dont know the water it is a private syndicate water that was run by a really nice bloke called Dennis who has accomadated a number of midlands based clubs for their matches over the years.
    Six weeks a go our club booked the whole pool with Dennis and it was agreed that given the 19 anglers attending we could have the whole pool at 3 a peg. The pool isnt that big but can accommodate a match for about 20 anglers
    Dennis requested that I go to the pool the evening before the match to peg it out which we did as we have always done. Afurther call from ourselves to Dennis was made a week prior to the match confirming the booking and fees due along with making a further booking for the clubs xmas match which we have done for several years.

    The club arrived yesterday to fish the match as agreed to find five pleasure anglers on the pool and the pegs that had been placed around the pool all moved to one end of what is a fairly small pool. Three of the pegs had all been placed into one corner basically giving no one any room.

    As ive walked around and started moving the pegs back to where I had agreed to peg I was approached by a very arrogant and aggresive male named Pete who told me to put the pegs back. He started to shout at me telling me that he was the brother of Dennis and he was now in charge of the fishery.

    I tried to explain to him the agreement we had with Dennis when we booked the lake but he refused to listen stating he was now in charge and things were going to change around here. I was told that we had to fish where he had pegged us and if we didnt like it then we could f.ck off.

    In his opinion he doesnt want match anglers on his pool as it spoils it for his members and when I told him that the peg fees agreed with Dennis were 3 he told me in no uncertain terms that they were now 5 and his brother never knew what he was doing.

    Given the situation of 18 anglers now waiting to fish we decided to honor the booking and got ready for the draw.

    As we waited to draw Pete came a long again and stated we couldnt put any fish in a keepnet that was over 4lb and anything larger had to be weighed there and then and put back.
    You can imagine the problems this caused on a water that is predominately a carp water containing carp averaging 8lb each.

    Any way we still fished not letting this spoil the day and when he came to me half way through the match to request the money I apologised for the misunderstanding around the pegging but asked whether we could compromise on the peg fees given the pools and fees had been agreed previously and I would meet him in the middle and pay 4. Unfortunately the arrogance of the man continued and he point blank refused telling me it was 5 and nothing less.

    If your club has a match booked on the pool or are thinking of booking it then please be aware that what you may have agreed previously will not be honoured by the new arse hole in charge.

    Our club will not be returning and we will be cancelling our xmas match booking.

    The purpose of this post is to warn others that the new owner of this pool is an arse hole and that he treats match clubs with contempt so think twice before booking this venue in the future. Its not the fishery it once was when run by Dennis who was a gent, just a shame his brother isnt.

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    If you are looking for a replacement have a look at Holyhurst fisheries between Coventry and Bedworth.

    He has 2 pools, one is for all the big stuff. The other he calls the match pool, it's well stocked with silvers tench and carp. 10lb is about the biggest you will see from the pool but it does have a couple of doubles in it.

    Pegs are all done properly with gravel and boards and it's pretty easy to get round

    He has a working toilet block as well now, and it's 2 minutes drive from Tusses tackle shop.



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