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bait attractor liquid

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  • bait attractor liquid

    Yesterday I tried a bit of the bait attractor liquid in my g/bait for my method feeder, I think it made my g/bait sticky and hard to come off my method feeder, is there a way to apply it to the bait without it being sticky?
    For instance if I added it to a tub of water first and then poured it bit by bit in to my g/bait would it be less sticky?


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    Liquid flavours and liquid additives work best when added to the water used for mixing groundbait,as this allows even distribution of the flavouring throughout the whole mix,and not just in parts of it.


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      ok so if i add say 10ml of liquid flavouring into a tub of water, give it a stir and add it bit by bit until my groundbait is fluffy?


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        Mix the flavoured water into your groundbait until it feels mixed properly,and then leave for 10-15 minutes for all the water to have soaked may need a tiny amount more water if it has dried out slightly during this time.and then push it through a riddle to remove any lumps and to fluff the mix up more.and then it is ready.