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help with pop up bread

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  • help with pop up bread

    hi cant seem to make the bread float up.
    is it the wrong hook or is it always freezing my bread after every match, then using it for the next match.
    should i put Vaseline on the hook length.
    I do press the punch tight maybe that's wrong.any advise would be appreciated.thanks

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    I know naff all about match Style bread fishing but I have caught thousands of carp on bread, First thing if you throw bread on the surface it floats for a fair while,if you compress it it sinks,that should answer one of your questions, second a hook too big for the size of bread you use will sink it not a problem for me as its a size 10/8 and a piece of crust half the size of a match box.Occasionalty I fish bread (big lumps) suspended off the bottom to that end I use crust or centre and simply cut with a suitable size punch or rip a piece,lastly 99% of the time my bait is hair rigged,with a tiny snapped off piece of pasta as a bait stop,Not sure this will help and certain a few proper matchmen will advise,but its what I KNOW about fishing with bread from over 50 yrs. tight lines.
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      Hi Fishingfreek, I have a small hook max 14 with a long hair up to about 3cm depending on the size of bread I want to fish. If I was fishing discs of bread I would have a hair of about 2 cm I would generally put up to 3 disc from a medium sliced loaf on this. I would only slightly compress the one nearest the hair stop (So the one you push through the hair stop last). Fishing bread is a confidence thing. I would suggest that you make up a couple of hooklengths put the bread on and weigh it down in the sink you will be amazed how long it will stay on when not moved. Where I am most waters have bread banned during the summer and it is only allowed during winter months on the hook only. In the summer it often gets attacked by small fish anyway. Dont be afraid of fishing large bits if needed its soft and large fish can easily suck it in. Vary your hooklength depending on how far you want to pop up the bait. Bites are often savage wrap rounds. Its like any form of fishing it can be brilliant one day but out fished by another method the next day.