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2mm pellets

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  • 2mm pellets

    how lond do you soak 2mm pellets for to mould to a method feeder i've tried 2 mins they don't seem to stick to feeder

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    i put them in a round tupper wear bowl cover them with water and then drain them off after 10 secs, leave them to stand and then they will bind together. If you leave them in the water to long they go spongy and won't stick to the feeder.
    Steve Davies


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      Leave to soak for 2 mins then leave for 30 mins, should be spot on after that


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        depends which brand mate i use the fin perfect soak them for 2 mins for a 2mm pellet drain the water of leave while settin up they am perfect for the method
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          Fin perfect for me as well,soak for 2 mins and drain off, works great with the method mould


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            As others have said, it depends on the make of pellet.
            Don't be afraid to give them a really good squeeze, they will still break down quite quickly into individual pellets again once in water. Try soaking some, and then squeezing them into a ball of what appears to be paste, then dropping them into a bowl of water. They will soon break down into pellet again and that may give you the confidence to squeeze them more.
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