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  • Sweetcorn

    Hey guys

    Just a quickie. Off to cudmore tommorrow and i want to use sweetcorn for part of the day. Are there any good additives that i can use to enhance the bait or would you not advise it?
    I aint that good but i'll always catch em

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    Just use it as it is, the fish like it for what it is and sweetcorn doesn't soak up addatives well anyway. To be honest though, pellet, paste and meat are normally the best baits at Cudmore.


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      use chopped worm on hook alf a worm get a bait tub put hsme castors in hemp and worm and et choppie scissors and chop it all up feed by a cup and if that dont work then margins with meat like nathan said
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        you could always change the colour of the sweetcorn. Easy enough to do mate and migtht work on some waters and might not work on others. One of my local waters saw alot of normal sweetcorn going in so i used red sweetcorn for abit and hammered them. The food colouring just a to get off your hands and gear


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          Tins and tins of sweetcorn go into my local club water and i'm sure some of the larger fish are getting a bit wary now.
          I tend to let mine soak overnight in a red dye and strawberry flavouring (both addatives bought from local supermarket for a few pence and cheaper than buying from tackle shop)
          And you get great pleasure catching fish on bait you prepared yourself
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            i always drain all the water from the sweetcorn first then add a squirt of scopex every were i go this works.
            ive cought more fish using this bait than any other even xpander pellet


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              the bait doctor say this.....try dying your corn black.put some in a bag and add a little black dye.sensas tracix or ordinary black food dye is best. do this when your feeding fools even the wariest of fish.use a bit of sugar as a dust,as works.
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                cheers gus n gals am liking this info. i seee what what ya mean about sweetcorn going in by the bucket full this is what i was wary of hense the question going to tr a few of this ill let u know how i get on
                I aint that good but i'll always catch em