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Bulk pellets

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  • Bulk pellets

    Is there a site where I can buy bulk 4mm and 6mm hard feed pellets,pref skrettings and how best to store them in a shed,the missus has banned all bait from the house


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    Give Judd off here a email. He does an amazing service. Email him what you want and he will send you an invoice for your order you want. Next day delivary as well. Cheap as well compared to most places.

    [email protected]


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      No idea mate.

      OK i'm lying. Either ourselves at Welcome to NSA or - Home will see you right



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        Skretting - 'bout time you guys tried some coppens pellets, lol


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          I have a huge plastic container, bigger than a pedal bin with a screw on lid with a ratchet type fixing so the lid won't come off. Nice thick mouse proof plastic. I store pellets and groundbait in it. Got it off a mate ages ago but would expect a hardware type shop may sell them. Have also got loads of old biscuit and chocolate tins in the shed which I keep pellets in. I try to keep fisheries own pellets in these so I have them when i go to a particular fishery. I have also snuck a couple of kilos of corn in the freezer for greenhills on saturday but have not told the mrs!!!


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            I store my pellets in the plastic milk bottles you get from the supermarkets. The 4pt ones for storage and the 1pt ones to take fishing. I've also got some old 5 gallon home brew(hic-another story) plastic beer buckets with snap on lids. All nice and tidy and totally mouse proof.
            I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.


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              bulk pellets

              give this guy a try, aabaits.
              top man and you can collect yourself if you are not to far away.
              he is in warrington.
              i think i paid £22 or 24 for 25 kilo bag.
              all the best lisa.


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                Ordered 25kg off Judd at purepellet on wednesday and they arrived by DHL today(fri)
                Can highly recommend Justin and his company!
                First class!

                HAPPY TOTTERINGHAMS DAY 15/5/2016


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                  big ,mango chutney tubs screw on lids are the best to store pellet air tight and not to bulky
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                    Storing Pellets


                    Dont store pellets in anything plastic mate, they attract rats and they will chew through any plastic containers, and then move on to your bags and nets to make nests, i know i have paid the price! I have found the best storage containers especially if your buying in bulk is metal dustbins, i have two in my shed and the since i have started using them i no longer have a rat problem. You can then just take out what you need for easch session and return what you dont use.


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                      shaun (sionking) has got a place daz give him a pm he will sort you out.
                      licence dodger