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pellet soup

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  • pellet soup

    on our local open in the west midlands a couple of lads have been feeding pellet soup with great results. pellet soup is pellets that have boiling water put over them until thay go very soft then add cold water and keep stirring until you get it like soup. thay then tip this in and get a cloud in the water and the pellet flavors with out putting in any pellets. only the hooked pellet are in your peg. is this something that has been done in other parts of the country.and has any one tried it ? i would be intrested in any coments on this. if you are thinking of trying this on your next trip out please let me know how its worked.

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    i used this method 2-3 years ago at Warmwell bagged up on the bream there but never used it any where else .i just left the pellets soaking over night added more water if needed .i be honest i started using it by accident to cut the story short i was fishing in the rain and the feed pellets got wet and mushy and i carried on using them and started catching better.i think what also help it was quite a shallow pool.


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      these are shallow pools too also i dont think it would work in deep water but would stand to be corrected


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        i used this when i was at watersmeet. I fished about 10m out with with waggler and was getting a bite a chuck. It was not really a soup more of a mush which could be balled in by hand. Had about 40lb of silvers with everything taking my hookbait as soon as it hit the water. Twas great sport . had to keep the mush going in or wouldn't get a bite.


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          slop was the thing at tunnel barn some time ago which is similair and also messy and cannot fish it far out


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            this is more like soup with no bits init at all. then its put in through your cup kit


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              ive used it to good effect on west lake at bank end bawtry to catch skimmers and the odd carp i blend my unused pellets and add a bit of fish meal till its like porridge i am not tight just recycle
              nige cooke