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Green lipped Mussel Pelletts

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  • Green lipped Mussel Pelletts

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen

    i am a very keen match angler and would like to say of a reasonably good standard.

    i have been experimenting heavily with green lipped mussel pellet this season, with some pretty good results in some instances,

    i fished a match last month, very hot still condition, only 3-4 out of 25+anglers catching nice bags of carp around the lake including myself using GLM, similar instances on other waters as well.

    i have been whizzing the pellet up into a fine texture adding water and a bit of 1mm pellet to help it bind well on the method feeder.

    im guessing my real question is how many other people are using it as groundbait for balling in or for there method and what results have you been receiving.

    i have googled alot and found virtually no feed back on the stuff, and was wondering what other peoples views were on the pellet

    kind regards


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    cummon guys, surely someone has used it?


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      not used it myself grant but have used the liquid and have had mixed results with flavouring groundbait pellets meat and corn I myself dont have much confidance in it which prob is why I dont use it that much and have stayed away from the pellets
      A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work?????:p:eek:[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


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        do you mean the pellet that is sprayed with green dye and a bit of flavouring on the outside of the pellet or the pellet that actually has green lip mussle in the ration formula.?
        call me a sinic but if you put the pellet into some water in a glass and see the dye come off,(the pellets are usually left) who are they trying to catch the angler or the fish??????