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expander pellets?

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  • expander pellets?

    which are the best expender pellets on the market to prepare in a pellet pump, I've used ringers before and had alot of success but i was wondering if there was any better?

    also do you add any dye or flavourings to the expanders while pumping?

    Thanks YMF.
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    i like the sonubaits expanders in 6mm very good on the hook
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      Originally posted by clifton View Post
      i like the sonubaits expanders in 6mm very good on the hook
      I agree these are good


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        sonu expanders and the andy findley feed pellets quality bait mate
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          Try the bait tech expand pellets, 4mm and 6mm. They take very little time to prepare and are ready within minitues after pumping. They are a bit darker than the fin perfect range.

          If i were you, do a batch of both the darker and lighter ones to give yourself a couple of options on the day as sometimes the fish will prefer a different colour.

          Flavouring wise I use halibut flavour in the summer months and scopex during the winter. I put the flavour into the water before pumping and also boost it afterwards by squirting the flavour into a bag of pumped pellets then giving it a good shake whilst leaving overnight to let the flavour absorb.

          Hope it helps


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            i will only use skrettin their brill
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              Umm... im a young angler myself LOL 16 yrs old and ambition for competition. I dont know if u have tryed sonu-baits andly findlay expander pellets, but hey ive had alot of success with them, so consider buying them and trying them out.


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                the best pellets on the market are van den eyde rs elite try em
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                  Yes the RS elites are good, but for some reason you cant get the grey/white ones anymore.

                  I use the GOT expanders in 4mm and 6mm, you can get them very soft, and they dont break up like other pellets do if you over do them in the pump.


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                    GOT baits, best expanders on the market bar none.


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                      cant beat ringers coolwater expanders matey stick with them
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                        They all work you just have to take some additional care with some of them when preparing

                        The Ringers cool water are idiot proof they really are easy to prepare, VDE and skrettings are not far behind

                        They are the main 3 I use and if im feeding them then its skrettings as they work out very cheap by the sack.

                        I cant help thinking though a lot of expanders are starting to look the same the same as skrettings
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