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Paste Fishing

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  • Paste Fishing

    Hi lads new to paste fishing getting some results but would like to up the anti and get a bit better would apprieciate any tips anybody could pass on cheers lads.

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    what u wanna no


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      i find the best paste is made from soaked micro pellets!


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        Sorry to muscle in on the thread but what consistency do you fish paste? Is it really sloppy so it just stays on the hook or firm. I know it will depend on the depth of water but is there a preferred consistency?


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          I make my paste from groung pellet, rather than soaked pellets, you get a much smother paste that way.

          And one other thing when useing ground pellet or groundbait to make past, add the poweder to the water a bit at a time, not the other way around, this ensures you get a smoth paste with even concistancy.


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            I have tried many different type/brands. But i find simply using green swim stim groundbait the best, in cunjuntion with feeding the same pellets. I make my paste fairly sloppy but if i am fishing deeper water say over 6 feet i will make it stiffer, especially to counteract any tow.

            Also i fish paste about 2 inches overdepth.

            Important: when mixing your paste make sure you add the swim stim to water and then mix not the other way round. [


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              Tincanman, I apologise if this is a stupid question but if you fish that far overdepth how do you determine if your paste as come off your hook? I allways thought, rightly or wrongly, that you fished dead depth with the paste taking your float down to the correct level and then if your paste came off/dissolved the float would lift. I understand some anglers do not even use any shot and just let the paste act as a plummet.


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                I got some of the ready made stuff and it was crap to say say the least going to have a go doing me own next time
                I aint that good but i'll always catch em


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                  I always fish paste dead depth, and shot the float to just above the body. I find if you fish the paste very soft or sloppy, and you don’t use any shot the buoyancy of the float will pull the hook out of the paste.

                  You don’t need big heavy paste floats either, just something with a slightly longer bristle than a normal float. I have some floats that Gaz Malman made for me, they take just two number eights, which I put 18 inches above the hook, I fish these floats in up to 5ft of water and they hold steady even with a light tow on.


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                    if you can pick your line up with the paste on the hook and it stops on then it is to stiff.


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                      ya i fish a homemade paste, made from ground down green swim stim and also add it too the water when mixing to make a really super soft paste. fish it on the pole at a dead depth rig so u know if its still on or not. can be a very stess full way when i first started i was missing bites etc... but soon got the hang of it and really bagging method now on the waters im fishing. just practice on it and u find just gets better.
                      Also been using the same paste but mix an egg with it for binding the lot together and forming a stiffer paste and wrap it around a 8mm pellet on the hair rig with a small pellet feeder (soaked 3mm swim stim) and thats been deadly the last couple of weeks. u should give it a try!!
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                        reaste fishing

                        the best way i have found to use paste is to buy 2 tubs of surtherlands yorkshire potted beef with beef stock at 59p a tub mix with a bit of swim stem natrual and thats it away you go simple.


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                          I just use ground Skrettings pellets with water and have had excellent results.

                          I believe the texture and consistancy of the paste is the key factor rather than the ingredients.

                          Ive found its best to fish it fairly sloppy rather than stiff.

                          Float wise i use KC Paste floats and they are brilliant.