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ple elastic to line ratio

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  • ple elastic to line ratio

    Hi all
    iam going to be fishing a commercail for the first time it iis ciigar shaped with an island running down the middle of it its 16m across from one bank and 12m across from the opposite bank to the island it is stocked with carp to around 3lb with the odd lump to 7lb there are so many fish in this place i have heard people have trouble getting the bait through the top layer to get on the bottom the fish on top are around the 1/2 pound range i will be useing pellets expanders jellied and corn and some meat for hook baits with pellet for feed
    the pole iam using is the garbolino super leigion
    what elastic would you recomend and what line strenghts to match
    i do not now if to go for solid elastic are hollow and with the line do i go for 0.16 to 0.14 hookl length or go lighter say 0.14 0.12 line i like to use is super g

    ps the venue is around 3/4 ft deep

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    I would go for the 0.16 to 0.14 if not heavier like 0.18 to 0.16 or fish straight through in shallow water and use a 12 or 14 solid elastic set softy.


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      i would use line round about 4lb line max 6lb but 4 would be strong enough and go with 10 to 12 elastic solid


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        Id go about 0.16 (Hooklength) with a doubled 8 Preston Original Slip Elastic.


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          thanks for the info everyone i have decided to go 14 originall slip elastic to 0.16 /0.14 bottom and have a practise on monday i will let you know my results