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Atomic cloud

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  • Atomic cloud

    Thinkin of tryin outsome attomic cloud on me green swimstims the weeken,what would be the best way to prep them,is it a case of wetting the night before and adding the cloud and then into the fridge.

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    I've also played around with this mix, and i find that the best way is to mix a slop with the pellet's on the day or, you can do what your saying, the night before soak your pellets and add attomic cloud to the water leave it to stand for about 1 hour, drain the water and put your pellet's into a bag, with air in the bag, add a bit more powder about half a cup full leave over night then you have a good cloudy pellet.
    I hope this helps.

    Terry Swan
    Match Secretary for Ealing Angling Fishing Club