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Any help please!!!

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  • Any help please!!!

    Trying to get my head around how and what to fish when i visit from Oz in a few weeks time, hoping someone might be able to help? Will be fishing mainly Colchester/Essex area, but techniques are so vastly different from here. Does anyone use hardbody lures or soft plastics or is that unproductive in the UK? Same with baits...does anyone use small baitfish at all or is that a waste of time? Sorry for the inane questions, been reading all the posts I can but am a bit lost to be honest!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mate, its worlds apart(pardon the pun)from what i gather most of the fishing in OZ is similar to the USA,ie sport fishing for mainly predatory fish(often eaten).over here its 90% coarse fishing with baits like maggots,corn,bread,worms,pellets,hemp and boillies(ever heard of them?)allmost all fish are retuned to the water(including predators like pike,zander,perch and eels)carp are treated with almost godlike status and not considered matter where you fish you will need a licence and have to pay a fee to the landowner as well,if you are coming over to visit friends or relatives they may be able to sort you out with tackle,baits and tactics but any gear you have over there is unlikley to be suitable for fishing in the UK.shame your not coming to the West Midlands or i would be happy to take you out to try our style of the sport.not trying to put you off but its better if youve got an idea of what to expect, in any event hope you enjoy your visit.Regards Peter.
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      Cheers heaps bloke, yeh starting to realise its a completely different world of fishing from there to here. Nonetheless I'm very excited to just try something new and totally opposite to how I would approach it normally. Over here I spin with lures or soft plastics for the English Redfin Perch and Rainbow or Brown Trout...even Carp hit a plastic here but are easier caught on corn. Love the look of your pike as well, one of them would be great! Very predatorish! Not heard of boillies tho, and hemp! You got hippy fish over there? Ha ha! Not heading near the West Midlands this time but just might in the future, actually doing a charter out of Newquay as well which should be interesting. Thanks again for the help Hurricane, your a champ mate.


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        No problem(or should that be no worries) ive got a catfishing buddy in the states that i converse with and again its a very different style of fishing.pike,zander and perch can and are caught over here on hard and soft lures, so this could be your best option,im sure you will do well on your charter i said before enjoy your stay. Regards Peter. ps take a look at the albums in my profile,all the predators in there can be caught on lures, but mine were all caught using live or dead fish baits as im not into lure fishing.
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        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.