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best baits for tench and barbel?

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  • best baits for tench and barbel?

    i fish a commercial packed with carp, does anyone now any baits tht would help me target either tench or barbel???? thanks in advance

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    Try worms. Cup in chop and hemp, then fish half dendro's over the top. You'll still get carp on them, might be a question of finding where the barbel live. They can be very territorial on commercials.
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      u should try maggot or corn for tench thats what i normaly use when targeting tench


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        thanks for the advice! will try it tomorow in rain


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          I like bread, caster, maggot and corn for tench but of course many species will eat those baits so it could be hard to isolate just tench. Fishing during at the right time of year and at the right time of day will improve your chances though I guess. I have fished a commercial that has both carp and barbel and found that peperami attracts the barbel but not the carp. Good luck


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            Try using tuna jellets over 4mm fishmeal pellets for the tench down the margin and at the bottom of the slope works for me.

            Hope this helps.
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              Halibut pellets I find are the best for Barbel, Carp will pick them up as well... Use a 10mm+ on a short hair, that will stop little roach picking it up


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                I'm with Steve on this one, especially at this time of year, worm & caster with a sprinkle of hemp

                If you really want to target tench try adding a dusting of VDE Bloedmeal to the worm & caster mix as well


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                  went fishing yesterday got absouotly soaked but was using halibut pellets that i had soaked for a 1 minute or two and added some liquid halibut pellet had a really good day caught one of the biggest carp in the lake not sure on weight but it was big ( to me anyway:P) and caught my first barbel was really happt weighed about 2.5 -3 pound fought the same as my biggest carp tht day yayayay


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                    You want to try catching a Barbel or two on a fast flowing river and see how they fight then !

                    Caught my first 2 river Barbel last week in one session. First one at 6lb & second at 7lb, that one made my arm ache !