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paste mix

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  • paste mix

    regularly fish a local match on a sunday, it's a shallow water with about 2'6" at it's deepest but some swims are only 18" deep, normally fish pellet out front and meat down the edge but the big carp seem to have backed away from the meat, sunday i didn't get a single bite on it, so gona try paste this week, any opinions on what mix for this depth of water? i.e sloopy or a soft dry mix, size hook etc

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    In that kind of depth you will need a sloppy mix creating an instant cloud effect which is ideal for drawing fish into your swim. I use a size 14 hook but alwalys wide gape. Then mould a paste ball around your hook big enough to fill half a kinder egg pot, which incidently is what I use as my paste pot on my pole.

    Hope this helps.
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      Ground up some pellets (skrettings) and mix 50/50 with water.

      That should be about right...


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        Paste mix

        hi mate

        i have had a lot of success this year with amix based arounf natural swim stim groundbait with crushed hemp and scopex added to the mix

        it has to be very soft and introduced via a tall pot about 2 foot from the tip

        i feed mostly hemp and have found that this cuts out a lot of the liners that i used to get with micro pellets, also try fishing on the edges of your feed area

        i always use a size 14 b911 or even a 12 if size of fish and venue rules allow.

        hope this is of assistance, as an aside i have also changed back from hollow to latex elastics and never go above a 14, the vespe green seems perfect i land bigger fish quicker on this rather than black hydro or heavier.



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          ask creepey his paste mixes have got me the frame


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            thanks for the info, on this depth of water would you fish a light float with all the weight directly under the float using the paste to set the bristle down put some weight down the line?


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              I think the meat thing is something local to us Paul, I too struggled with meat in shallow water last week I'm changing to w/c this Sat.
              It's probably down to the colder wetter weather it could warm up in the next few weeks then it'll be all change again.
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                when fishing paste i don't shot the line, the paste weights the float down and is a good indicate for when you need to put more paste on the hook, when the bristle rises that means your paste has gone. well, in my book it does.
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                  Using shot on the line helps presentation and keeps the float more steady which means the paste will stay on the hook a little longer. I prefer to use shot in water deeper than 2 ft.

                  However if your fishing in really shallow water (less that 2 ft) you can get away with no shot. Using a Korum Blob in really shallow water works well but fish that a few inches overdepth.


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                    Once you have the paste mix right, a good tip is to then fish hair rigged pellet on the hook, but mould the paste (softer the better) around the pellet and the hook, the paste draws in the carp right on to to your pellet and hook.....voila!......hol on tight!, in shallow water less than 3ft i dont even use a float or any shot down the line, providing there is no flow on the water, if there is, a bb shot 8 inches from the hook will suffice.........good luck!


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                      mate soak some pellets drain the water of mix sloppy or try the swim stim koi green ground bait it can be mixed as paste its a great paste, as for floats you can use a tinny dibber just let it ly flat on the surface if its that shallow dont worry about shot the float will bury when they have it as for hook there is only one mate look at the preston pr21's in a size 12 you will find they am a much bigger hook than any other size 12, dont forget you kinder pot to ship it out as for the meat have you tried dyin some or dustin it in ground bait they get used to seein the same thing everyweek just change things mate
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                        id buy a coffee grinder and blend up 4 pints of pellets and then add this to water, you dont have to do it all at once. do some mega sloppy and then some a bit stiffer, this means you could feed this as well, being so shallow the cloud will help to attract fish.
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