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  • slower

    does anybody know a make/brand of pellet that sinks slower than the rest to use as loose feed
    when fishing pellet shallow
    cheers worms

  • #2
    Soaked expander pellets will sink slower than hard sinking pellets but a slow fall is not always best! Hard pellets make a better noise and if they sink too slow the fish will have more time to inspect the bait and may not feed as aggresively. Pale coarse pellets will sink slower than trout or halibut pellets. Just experiment, feed hard pellets for a couple of hours, then try an hour with expanders, then go back to hard and see which is best. That's if you don't have to feed fishery pellets!


    • #3
      coarse fish pellets are the slowest sinkers other than expanders. Never had much luck feeding expenders.


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        I soak the fishery own pellets for a few minutes the day before & then put them in a sieve/maggot riddle etc to dry out. They sink a tad slower than the originals.


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          try immitation pellets,you can add weight to the bouyant pellets to make them sink very slowly.