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Not catching much on local water Help.

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  • Not catching much on local water Help.

    Howdy folks i just wonderd if anyone has got any tips on fishing a very hard water which is my local club water i only joined it this year i Can catch on the pole skimmers and roach.But have started to feeder fish this water and am having not much luck only on this water as i do fine everywhere else. It is stocked with Bream,Tench,Carp and roach but it,s the bream i,m after.Any sugestions. By the way it,s got a lot of members the water but when i go fishing there you only ever see 4 to 5 anglers on any one day fishing it so it,s not over fished by any means.

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    Sounds like Heartbreak Lake to me,try the pike in a month or so,is exactly what i'm waiting for on my club waters.


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      good luck.

      I don't know how big the lake is mate, but on large waters the bream patrol set routes established over years. perhaps you need to do some casting about with a large bomb and find any distinct shelves or plateauxs or gravel bars etc. to find out where they are.
      a good thing to try is to go on a pre-baiting session the evening before, then go back the following day and hope no-one is in the swim. you should then bag-up if a shoal has found the grub and settled.
      personally though, i have always found it best to ask other anglers who fish the venue or the folk in the local tackle shops.
      good luck.


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        i'd take the easy option and join another club


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          i like the water it,s just a hard water to fish i think i will struggle on and hope to catch a few .Thanks to alll.