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  • casters

    im doing my own casters this week, came home from fishing and riddled the maggots i put aside for casters put them in water and most of them float is there anyway i can make them sink

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    Afraid not, the way I do it is to buy the maggots on the saturday for casters for the next saturday/sunday. Riddle them off then put them into clean damp sawdust. Check the maggots frequently, as soon as you see some turning move the container into the fridge this should be about tuesday if the maggots were fresh when you got them.

    Each evening rddle off the casters check to see if they float, a few always do throw them away early in the week you can keep them for hook bail if you want from friday on. Those the don't float put in a plastic bag , suck the air out (I konw yuck!!!) put the bag in the fridge.

    i also open each sealed bag every day and let air in then suck it out and reseal the bags. remember casters are alive and need air to keep them that way buy limit the amount and keep them cool and they will keep for a few days.

    There are several verations on the theme, I'm sure others will add their ideas, hope this helps.