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meal worm

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  • meal worm

    has anybody ever used meal worm for bait and did you have much luck?

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    never used em thought about using em,b interesting 2 c answers


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      used them 30 + years ago on a river as I could not get any maggots. Had a few fish but not a great deal. went back to the same place with maggots the next day and had a good day as i recall. So only ever used them the once and was not convinced that they were that good never tried again.


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        i've just read something on google. it says steamed mealworms are good??? i'm fishing a lake tomorrow so i might take some along to try.


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          i could imagine them bein good fished over the top of dead maggots......


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            I remember they tried to promote them as bait many moons ago when I worked in the pet trade. They also tried to push wax grubs to be used like wasp grub or as a mkind of giant maggot. I used to sell both to bird and reptile keepers, so naturally, I took some 'samples' home and tried them on the canal. Can't remember much, apart from wax grubs float - and I think mealworms do too - and I didn't persevere because I didn't have any confidence in them.

            Why would our native fish eat something that they would never come across naturally? That said, there is only one insect larva that looks anything like a maggot - and that lives in the stem of greater reedmace, so the fish rarely if ever see either. I beleive they use wealworms in the states for catching the smaller bass species???

            Bit expensive as a fishing bait if you are fishing commies!!


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              I was told that mealworms were taking fish at Earlswood a few months back, they were fishing them on the lead, which makes sense if they float and given that they riddle like mad when hooked they would be an attractive bait fished just off bottom.



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                I'd be careful when fishing with mealworms (if you're using them as a live bait). Like maggots it can take a few minutes for them to drown. Unlike maggots they have sharp teeth like features (but not teeth) that can eat through flesh. I know that in reptiles you have to be careful when feeding because if they're not chewed properly they can eat through the stomach of the reptile. I have seen it before when a vivarium turns into a scene from Aliens.

                Not sure on the facts with fish and mealworm but can't help thinking something similar could happen to them.

                Also agree with Fish Farmer, quite expensive.

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                  must be worth a try as a dead bait.