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shot for punch using drennan wire roach

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  • shot for punch using drennan wire roach

    Hi fellas just wondering what shotting pattern you use when fishing punch using a drennan wire roach float. Probably using a 4x12 or a 4x14 at a depth of approximately 3-5 foot. This will be on the leeds and liverpool canal. Maghull.

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    I think it's going to be variations on two common shotting patterns useing small shot:

    1. Strung out shot, 10s with 3 12s as droppers spacing the shot evenly with the bottom 12 about 9 inches from the hook as a start point. Then ajust the shot up and down the line until the bites are positive.

    2. A bulk of 10s below half depth with 3 12 droppers evenly spaced below that as a start point. Again move the bulk up and down the line and move the droppers closer or further apart unit you get positive bites.

    I'd use the bulk rig if the canal is towing, I don't think it does much at Maghul but it's been a few years since I was there.

    Remember there are no absolutes and you need to experiment with the shot. What works one day may not the next etc. I think you would get away with a 4X10 in 3 ft of water with little tow.

    Hope this help with a start oint for you.


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      You may find that you don't need to bother with ultra small shot with the punch.
      Try a rig with no. 8 shots grouped in a spread bulk and 1 or 2 no10 droppers.
      Also try 0.12 thick main rig line stiffer and less tangles.


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        talk talk is right, start on the 'bagging' rig...

        Once bites get cute my personal choice would be to go for a 4x10 shotted using strung out No7 styles.
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          Wouldn't disagree with the larger shot or the styles if you've got enough top kit set both up if you haven't then knowing how clear the Leeds Liverpool is at Maghul I would use the smaller shot.

          But like I said there are no absolutes with shoitting what works one day might not the next and a lot is down to confidence in the rig and the method. Best of luck lets know how you get on.


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            the 4.12 will be fine if it was towin all day id use the 4,14 if it was 5ft just to help with the presentation and to get more control, i think now its colder your goin to get everythin of the deck same again if 5ft id use a strong out bulk, 3 to 4 ft shirt button style from half way down the rig, wouldn't worry about wire stem neither with punch fishin carbon will be fine mate
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              i have found the best pattern is 2 big uns and a little un


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                you want to have your bulk 20-24 inchs from the hook doesnt matter if you using a 4x14 or a 4x18, and then have 3 or 4 droppers no12 droppers 3-4 inchs apart, remember its not a bait fish are following all the way down in that 5ft of water, they will be on the bottom over your liqiudised bread so although presentation is important, it only matters in last last 20 inchs where the fish are. so why would you want droppers 9-10 inchs apart, when it will take 20 seconds to fall through the water and get to the bottom, by that time you could of had another fish if your rig is set up as iv'e explained, you will still get very good presentation because fish will be watching the punch drift over there heads while your fishing 1 inch off bottom and, they wont be watching all the way from the top in 5ft of water, so ignore people who are telling you to have droppers spaced 9-10inchs apart. for a hook if your bagging you can get away with using a size 20, my favourite is a kamasan b511, if its harder go down to a 22 and bites should pick up. lines to be honest mate you can get away with 0.8, but personally i'd be using an 0.7/0.6 hooklength, and a good punch float although there hard to get hold of, is a tubertini stix, or a trabucco canal black 1, pencil shape float, very sensitive, but because of the pencil body shape it give's excellent stability from rough windy adverse weather conditions. hope this helps. will definitely catch you fish!!

                Your drennan wire roach float is better on freezing colds mornings, when squatt or pinkie fishing, and you can dot the bristtle down to a blip. again a very good sensitive float.
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