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  • Groundbait

    Hey im looking for a fairly cheap groundbait mix for bream/roach for winter. I was thinking of fishing castor or a similar bait over top.


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    Try a bag of something silver fish (VdE Supermatch, Sensas Lake etc) mixed with a bag of brown crumb to bulk it out and make it last for a few matches. Once it gets really cold, try using molehill soil instead of brown crumb - even cheaper!
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      try 40 percent and supercup and 40 percent supermatch and 20 percent brown crumb


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        even cheaper.go to your local supermarkets,and to the bakery section.ask if you can have all the crumbs from the bread cutting will get funny looks,but when you explain,they will are a bit funny,but the others are cool.take it home,pop it into an oven at 150 degrees,for 10 mins.then pop it into a food processor.whizz it up,and you have perfect crumb,for nowt.i add van den eynde powdered brasem to it.if you cant get that,try a few drops of vanilla essence.(about 50p a bottle)hope this helps.
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          lol i can afford £1.50 for some brown bread crumb im not that skint.


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            my mix for roach and bream is this then.1 bag of sensas magic,i bag of van den eynde supercup.mix 50/50.this is very sweet,and if you add casters and pinkie,you will catch all day long.
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              i,d be tempted to keep it simple supercup and brown crumb 50/50 mixed the night before so its inert add a few casters and dead maggots (red) alternate between those baits single and double on the hook maybe try a worm cocktail and see what comes along.


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                i buy crumb from a commercial baker it costs 3 euros for 20 kilo......At other bakeries though i pay 70/8 cents pro kilo!!
                I mix mine with things like powderd sweet corn, coconut meel ,nut meel dark and light, copra molassis and a few more ingredients..........It works out ,if i can get enough crumb from the cheaper baker[100kilos] , at about 1 euro per kilo!!
                I store it in big tubbs and it keeps for a year easy!

                This forms my bassic feed which you can change or adapt to the fishing your doing at that time. Adding other ingredients or perhaps lots of clay, ground hemp or even by making it wetter will all have an effect !