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what baits use

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  • what baits use

    hello just been thinking

    what baits to use in what seasons and at what places

    like maggets used all year round and all depths on the bottm or up in water

    i just want a rought idead what you people this are the best bait to use in each seasons

    thanks mark

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      Corn or maggot in the winter, pellets and paste in the spring, worm and caster in the summer, meat and hemp in the autumn


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        Pellet, meat and corn all year round, in winter just put the latter on the hair and feed nothing or on some venues maggot can work. Worm and caster can be good between end of April and mid October.


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          depends wot ur fishin for, I tend to use corn ,meat and pellet in summer ie 6mm pellets in summer and large cubes of meat for carp and bream.Then in winter i use 4mm pellets and smaller cubes of meat around 2 to 4mm cubes of meat in winter, In winter i also use caster for the smaller stuff ie roach and skimmers. What you got to remember as well is that fish wont feed as much in the winter as they do in the summer so my rule in winter is little and often and in the summer i constantly feed.As an example in the summer i will use in a session 3 to 4 tins of corn but in the winter i will use 1 tin .Also i dont use as much groundbait in the winter for the same reason.if you are after the roach in the winter try this get some casters and throw 4 to 6 casters over your float every thirty to fourty seconds and you will bag up on roach and skimmers i,ve also had the ocassional carp on this method.As for feeder fishing i use a small feeder in winter and i dont ad as much to the grounbait as i would in summer.Hope this helps.