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Grass carp

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  • Grass carp

    I have started fishing a new venue which has grass carp to over 20lb and i am wondering what i should use to target them? what baits? thanks

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    A single filament of blanket weed on a size 26!

    Failing that, floating bread, bread flake, pellet


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      Is that on the rod or pole Phil?

      I'm back!!!


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        Oh great!!

        Grass carp up to 35lb can easily be handled on the pole as long as the pole houses a charge for firing a harpoon and a very substantial elastic... say, a doubled up elastic like they use on aircraft carriers to slow the planes down.

        We're not helping this fellow angler much here mate!!


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          Serious Answer...

          I use to fish a lake in the Cotswolds that had them to about 9lb. Strange creatures, they would hardly show up then bang you would get 7 or 8 in a sitting.

          To be honest they are dissapointing to catch on the pole, when you hook one there is hardly any fight its like pulling a big old Bream Slab in, although they are nice looking fish a sort of elongated chub. Be careful once they are out of the water and in your landing net as they go " Apesh*t".

          Baitwise I found corn to be the best although i did have a few on chopped worm.


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            This one fell to a boillie.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              I knew you'd have a pic Pete