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Chopped Worm and Chrysalis

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  • Chopped Worm and Chrysalis

    Right chaps ?how are we making up this type off bait,?and why is it so a little knock up with a few m8s in the morrow and i'm thinking i might try it..allthough never fished it b4..gimme some pointers chaps.

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    If its silvers you are after then no problem with the worm, mix it 1 part worm, 1 part caster and 1 part hemp to bulk it out. If its carp then go easy on the worm. Use mainly casters and hemp with a worms head on the hook. Dump a cad pot full in at the start, leave for 20 mins then go over. Top up with a small fruit shoot top after every other fish.


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      OH, only thing i should point out guys is i dont own a pole,so will be fishing with my mach 3 -12.6in float rod..thanks Frisky F .


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        you could mix with small amount of dark groundbait and ball it in if fishery rules allow or maybe use a bait dropper if not fishing too far out.


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          Fish it as far as you can comfortably throw the casters. The bits of worm will help to keep better fish in the swim.
          How much you feed will depend on what type of fishery/fish you are on.
          Use a small waggler around 2-3BB and fish it to hand or just swinging out if you can feed 6-7m out.
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