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Anyone have tips for my next fishing trip in regards to "The Source" etc? please!!!!!

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  • Anyone have tips for my next fishing trip in regards to "The Source" etc? please!!!!!

    Hi everyone! What a great forum this is!

    I was wondering, i'm going fishing this Wenesday and am taking some "the source" soft hook pellets and feed pellets as well as the usual sweetcorn! I was given this stuff by a friend and was wondering two things...

    Will "The Source" stuff still attract other fish (Bream, skimmers etc) as well as Carp?

    and with the feed pellets, is the feed rule that i usually use with maggots (little and often) still applicable?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Feed pattern is the same mate. But, not wanting to put you on a downer. I have used source stuff and never had much success with it to be honest.
    Then again Steve Ringer has had good results with it, so what the hell do i know ?
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      I say chance it and see I have used source liquid in my paste and flavoured meat with it and caught carp, tench, roach and rudd.

      Tight lines Andy


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        Hi mate,I had some good sessions using the source pellets for fishing pellet wag a few years back,the hook pellets are too soft for this,so use one of the feed pellets in a pellet band. The hookers are fine for pole fishing,though. I should imagine bream and tench would munch them aswell as carp. Good luck ;-)
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          Hello Mate,

          What Paul K says is right. However I have found the soft hook pellets were fairly deadly when pole fished with hemp and some 4mm source pellets as feed. I have had several good mixed bags with this combination, tench rudd roach crucians and carp as well. Tight lines when you use it mate!


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            Just use normal, cheap, plain old Skretting pellets!


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              How much are the Skrettings ??

              My local shop does Bulk Dynamite Bait Pellets at £1.49 for 750grms, is that cheap??


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                I buy a 25K sack for £25 so no, that is not cheap!


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                  £9,975 change left Nathan


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                    No, had to give £2000 away!!!!!!!!!