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Liquid additives

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  • Liquid additives

    I friend of mine swears by adding some liquid addivites to his bait - the cajouser stuff and such like.

    Does it really make a difference? I'm willing to try it - probably stuff just to add to groundbait, but some of the stuff is quite expensive and didn't want to literally be throwing pound coins in the water (anymore than I already am of course!).

    Anyone on here any thoughts on them, and if they do work, recommendations.......?

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    If anyone could prove that thier addative worked 100% every time,they would be rolling in it,and i for one would give up fishing,there is no wonder bait out there and i hope there never will be,but if you think it works its not a waste,if it gives you confidence its worth every penny,and if it masks the human smells transfered to your bait/tackle,who knows?.Richard Walker,talking about anniseed flavouring said"i dont know if it attracts but it could well mask other odours like tobaco or soap, or petrol".almost every carp angler i know passes thier boillies across for friends to smell and say oh yes,but although fish have accute senses,does what we smell transfer UNDER WATER to anything like what they sense?,and my wife love the taste of vegetables but id rather walk on broken glass than eat them,if you have confidence in them,use them ,if not then dont.
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      As far as I'm aware, fish detect chemicals (flavours) in the water in the same manner that we detect chemicals (scents) in the air: using receptor cells that react to the chemical. What the fish (or we) do about that probably depends on how hungry the fish (or we) are....

      Now if someone could develop the fishy equivalent of the scent of frying bacon.....


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        How unlikely could it be, that the fishy equivalent of frying bacon, is well, frying bacon?

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          I think if additives do work, its in the way that they make a bait "different" from the norm, fish do seem to go off certain baits at times, & as long as you dont overdo the dosage it MAY give you an edge at times, but its no substitute for watercraft!!! But i have rubbed a drop of maple cream on my hands on almost every session for about 30yrs & im convinced this makes a difference as i think its masking the human smell!!!! Phil.