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feeding worms

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  • feeding worms

    help needed please with keeping worms. i havent managed to get out fishing for 3 weeks now and i still have 1/2 a kilo of worms left over . i do understand that when you buy worms there is a small amount of food in the sack but i wanted to feed them last week so i put some mash spud in with them i didnt add milk or salt to the mash so i thought i had done it all correct. but tonight i thought i would put another mashed spud in with them but when i opened the sack the mash spud that i put in last week had just gone all furey on the top but all my worms were still alive. do i put the mash under the dirt or just put it on the top and hope that thay find it. can you guys tell me what went i could do with keeping them for at least another 1 may be 2 weeks thanks.............

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    Feed them with instant mashed potato, mixed to the consistency of thick gravy, and keep them damp and they should keep and breed, and last for ages.


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      how oftern do i feed them


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        it's probably better to feed them with about a quarter of the amount of worms that you have, and check them after a fortnight, you will soon see how much and how often to feed. I keep mine in the bag they came in, on the garage floor, I have added fresh worm as I get it and this bag has been going for years.


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          For half a kilo of worms you only need two sloppy spoonfuls of instant mash mate, only once every few weeks. I've always chucked in a couple of burst teabags too.
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            i think that i will get some instent mash and try it one of the lads from work said thay i am feeding them to mutch i put in 1 mashed spud for 1/2 a kilo of worms. he thinks this sounds to mutch just put in 2 pee sized lumps to keep them going but i dont think this sounds enogh. and by the look of dicks comments it sounds ok..........