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Method Feeder - best baits.

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  • Method Feeder - best baits.

    Now the weather has changed, what are best baits to use on the method for a Carp only water? (well only with Carp and 1,000's of crayfish).

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    My favorites are 6mm pellet or a 6mm cube of meat.


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      Cheers Nathan - but the meat is a total "no, no" - the crayfish go crazy for it, the crayfish are the size of small lobsters in this water, and there are bloody thousands of them!


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        What about a 10mm pop up boilie
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          Banded pellet or hair rigged fake corn mate,this should be cray resistant.
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          Alwight tweacle?


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            i was gonna say 3 red dead maggots,but with crayfish you will prob need a boilie mate


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              Used to have this problem on a local water. We found that a cork ball worked well popped up an inch or 2 off the bottom.
              You can glug em if you like but don't use fishmeal, crab, mussel or squid addatives as they attract the crays and imo fish do not feed very well when a load of them are present.
              Hope this helps.
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