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Dynamite Expander Pellets (4mm) - How to sink?

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  • Dynamite Expander Pellets (4mm) - How to sink?

    Evening folks.

    Bought some Dynamite Expander Pellets (4mm) expecting them to sink.
    Obviously, using them today, I found that they float.

    Can anyone offer some advice on how to make them sink?



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    shouldnt have to but did you pump them twice?
    brookside anglers EX- superstar


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      put them in some water and give em a squeeze when under the water that"ll make em sink


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        Cheers guys.

        Davebee - No pump i'm afraid. Have always bought sinking pellets before, and didn't realise these were floaters.
        Browner - I soaked them for 10 minutes or so, drained the water, and left for 30mins. They became soft, but still floated (mostly, although some sank).

        Any other advice on how to make the lot go under?


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          If you dont have a pump. and need a fair quantity to use as feed, simply soak them for the 10 mins drain and let them soften up, place in a polythene bag, blow the bag up like a balloon, rotate the bag with two hands infront of you, to shake and roll the pellets inside she bag , do this for about a minute you will find most will sink, repeat if required.


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            Buy a pump. In the long run it will save you money and more importantly your time.
            MATRIX HALIFAX


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              Cheers guys.

              I don't use pellet as a main feed, but supplimentery in my groundbait. So I don't get through much very often (hence why I don't have, and don't want to pay, for a pump).

              Sounds like, at the end of the day, i've bought the wrong blinkin pellets.