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stinky garlic spam

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  • stinky garlic spam

    has anybody on here used this at all, l am thinking of try it for the barbel and chub on the river dane, and maybe for the carp on a couple of club waters l fish.

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    I reckon the barbel would murder that!
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      Very good for barbel and chub,mate,if you can get hold of any of it. I should imagine carp would love it aswell. I use the bait tech n-tice polony,which has got a garlicy/spicy smell for barbel and chub. But,this time of year anything garlic/spicy can give you a real edge. Good luck ;-)
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        used garlic polony today with no bites at all, switched to banded pellet and hey presto, 4 carp in 5 casts,suppose carp and pellets go together like strawberries and cream.still take some persuading babout all these flavours and addatives.i reckon its more about how you feed and your presentation than the actual bait!!


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          cheers guys thats what l was thinking, l picked up a tray of twelve tins this afternoon so all being well l shall give it a try next weekend

          hi Garry l fished bread today for three hours on a short hair link to an inline method feeder with micro pellets for nine carp between 5lb and 10lb on a club water, l like to keep things as simple as poss but just think this stinky spam may be just the job

          ps l blanked yesterday doh
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            ive cubed my meat for the hair rig and put it in a clip n fresh food container with 3 cloves of crushed garlic and caught carp on it regularly, try to do it the day before


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              hi hawb 81,bet when you open that container it nearly blows your socks off!!!


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                Just simple hair rigged garlic cloves alone work very well on my lake for carp bream & tench, but saying that, they are french :-)
                ooh la la !