Just a little bit of news for you, the BRAND NEW summer version of the FP1 pellet is now available to buy online at the Talk Angling shop.

Up until a week ago we were still shipping the softer Winter/Spring pellet but now the weather has changed we have moved the production onto the more durable summer pellet. This is also the time of year when we are stepping up production, from now on there should not be delays in shipping any orders - apologies to anyone who placed an order in the last 10 days, we have paused them but they will now be sent as the summer pellet.

I realise that some people may feel 'a little hard done by' having bought a pellet that they now find has been replaced by the summer version - to go some way to rectifying this we are offering the NEW SUMMER pellet at a reduced price of £3.74 a pot up until THE 14th of April - to take advantage of this you can go onto the site and place a new order at 25% discount compared to the usual price of £4.99. Existing customers who place a new order for 3 pots or more will receive an additional free pot on top of their order so you get the discounted price and a pot free on top.

The new summer pellet maintains the super consistency and colour of the original FP1 but it is now 100% heat tolerant and will cast on the waggler / pellet waggler / method when hooked directly, banded or put on a hair rig / bait spike - we believe these are the most versatile pellet on the market today, if you are going to be fishing up in the water this summer there is nothing that will beat these new pellets - we have worked very very hard to improve this product and make sure its as good as can be. To anyone who has knocked the FP1 I suggest you take advantage and get three pots for just over a tenner before the price goes back up on the 14th April - this is a LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER.

Don't worry if you do have the winter pellet still in your bait bag - they should be fine but as the label says please don't expose them to direct heat such as leaving them on the dashboard of your car or in direct sunlight as they could melt (as some people have found). In the event you do get some melt we suggest you take them home and put the pot in the fridge - once they have solidified again you can use a meat punch to cut pellets out from the mix. Some anglers have even taken the mix and melted it in the microwave deliberately and then added their own colours and flavors to create their own custom pellet as it still has the secret FP1 additive. I will be using the winter and summer pellets all through the year as the softer winter pellet will be great on the pole, if you want a pellet that casts on the waggler and method then the NEW IMPROVED summer version is here now.

Any questions please email me on [email protected] or call me up on 01302 59 59 00 during office hours.


Simon Young
Talk Angling UK