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Aniseed Oil

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  • Aniseed Oil

    Does anyone know if this is a legal to use on bait to try and catch fish? ive been told its great to use to get the fish in and also been told its illegal but they wasnt too sure. i researched it on the net and found no answer. can anyone confirm if it is or not?

    Many thanks

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    I am sure that this is not illegal as it can be purchased for adding to foodstuffs etc. also try hemp oil or any other bait additive that does not harm fish, some clubs may ban it the same as when they said hempseed was addictive to fish in the 60's.


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      Linseed oil...good for wood,but sadly not fish turns them black.


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        got baits atomic is aniseed flavour also van den hyde used to do aniseed addative bream love it
        and on the 7th day god created MAN[COLOR="#00FFFF"]CHESTER CITY[/COLOR] and [COLOR="#00FF00"][/COLOR]g.o.t.baits


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          Aniseed...Linseed=Chalk n Cheese