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advice for deep water bream feeder fishing

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  • advice for deep water bream feeder fishing

    Hi all
    I am a member of a club water which has some really nice big Bream but the water is very dep about 25 ft in middle and deepest peg is 20ft jusy wonderd if any of u have any advice on catching these big bream in dep water,i have caught a few but do struggle to keep em in my swim i seem to ctach 2 or 3 then they dissappear.

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    try feeding more at the start use the largest feeder you have keep casting out for 10 /15 minutes without a hook bait to build up a table of groundbait then change to smaller feeder then i only leave it upto 10 minutes before i will reel in and refeed


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      Can you catch within pole range ? Top 5, 3-5 grams and ball it hard with a good hit of grub, I put a pint into 12 balls by adding crumb to my feed a bit at a time till I have just enough to hold it all, give at least 40-60 mins and then go over it! Try the slider?
      Can't catch enough.....


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        try adding pv1 to your bream mix and put some balls out with a whopper dropper catty at the start then fish over it with your normal open end feeder and mix minus the pv1.the initial feed will get to the bottom and break up slower keeping the fish there longer .beware you dont add too much pv1 though as your mix will end up like concrete.if your only pleasure fishing why not use this tactic but do it the evening before you fish if thats possible.,they,ll be queing up when you start the morning after!


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          ok thanks guys


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            Hi Fishster, i used to catch plenty of bream at Monks pool, a deep clay pit not unlike the trap! it was mega deep & i used to fish it on the slider ,but i would put plenty of "heavy" groundbait in at the start, about 10 babys heads & wouldnt top it up until i had caught & couldnt get any more bites! if you prefer to fish the feeder i would suggest that you use an open ended feeder that hasnt got any holes in the body , to stop the water emptying the groundbait on the drop, electrical tape wrapped round the feeder will work well for this! i would put plenty of casters in your feeder , 2pts would be the amount i'd take for holding the fish , good luck with it mate.


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              thanks to all andphilly it is the mill pool in flint i,m was fishing on tuesday and used open ended feeder 30g and got right down and caught some stonking bream some 6lb had about 50lb of bream and skimmers,Used green g grounbait added scopex to water and halibut pellets 4mm and caster.aught really well a good day.Thanks for all the advice lads cheers