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deep water method mix

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  • deep water method mix

    Any ideas on a good method mix for bream/skimmers for depths upto 15ft?I've just started using sonubaits 50/50 thinking it may be a bit stiffer for deep water but open to other suggestions

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    Hi steve, i the same as you buddy,trying out diff things at the moment on my method feeder for the deep water skimmers in my local "ressie" its also 15/18ft.
    Im no expert in this method fishing bye any means! lol
    But what i have been doing in last few outings is just add couple teaspoons of horlicks to my 2kg of sonu baits method mix, seems to hold out far better than overwetting and squeesing it on hard. put it in the margin and see for your self.. trial and error at the moment, if you put too much in it wont come off!! tolittle and it comes off before it hits the bottom, but two teaspoon sprinkles is working at the moment mixed with the whole bag.... with a small helping of damp micros too.....
    Also works with just soaked micro pellets, soakup night before, then on the bank just put a dusting of horlicks onto them and give um a a go


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      As above, but you could also try mixing some brown crumb in with your mix, it binds really well and will grip everything to the method that bit longer.
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        Cheers guys....use horlicks with pellets but never thought with GB.Will give it a go tomorrow


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          Try egg, or chick pea flower, add flower graduly till you achieve the consistency thats required.