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margin mixes

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  • margin mixes

    Hi all,

    what grounbait mixes are you all using for cupping in the margins on commercials please?

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    I cup in anything left on my bait tray, nothing special just dump lots in


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      after first two hours of match on a carp only venue, i will start to dump pot large amounts of sonu baits expander groundbait in... gives a very good cloud, or try Pallatrax whisker ground bait... been havin alot big bags of carp with this bait. I mixing it sloppy and feeding it through a small pole pot mounted on the top kit. with meat and been emptying venues doing this....... let us knowhow you get on. baz


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        Thanks for that Baz, if im honest ive never heard or seen the Pallatrax Whisker G/b, but the sonubaits is readly available.

        Im fishing the Garbolino spring classic at white acres again so i`ll let you know how i get on..



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          I dont often feed groundbait, its usually dead maggots or corn I use down the edge
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            my preference is softened pellet and meat, unless im on a venue where i know that they particularly respond to corn
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              i never feed too much down edge just little an often really but i always feed plenty of water so tha it sounds like your feedin plenty, it still draws fish into margins but u dont get too many liners.......


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                Up and coming is the new Pallatrax match range.... they started off with just the stonze pebble like weights in the speci world, they staring too make every thing now, i just started using there baits now as there on my door step!! they do cracking 3kg buckets of course pellets in 8mm/11mm. ideal for waters like stafford moor where you need too fill it in on the shallow wag. But they do a great range of ground baits, which i use the naturals range most of the time but stared having sucsess now is warming up on the whisker range.. bit more oily pellet base, think origanlly for barbel... hense the name whisker!! but great cloud up the edge fishing, and can make paste from it too. worth a look on there web site.
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