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  • pellet

    how long do you soak pellets for in pellet feeder fishing 4m=4 min??
    cheers fil

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    correct fil........


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      Put 3/4 bag of 4mm in a large bait tub and cover with water and soak for 4 mins after 4 mins put lid on and drain off. Put the 1/4 of dry pellet into another tub and put the soaked pellets on top, they then soak up the excess water from the soaked pellets and are knob on when you get to the bottom of the tub instead of being stuck together.


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        Hi Fil.
        If i do them at home, it is usually micro, all i do is fill 3/4 of the way , one of those take away chinese tubs, fill just over the pellets, let water soak in, put on lid and bung in fridge, yeah they stick a bit at the bottom, but a little wiggle round with your finger does the job.
        I do 4mm on the bank for feed, just add lake water, like above and leave, when tackled up use.
        Everyone has there own way of doing things, do what you think best.

        All the best steve