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Luncheon meat

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  • Luncheon meat

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone could guide me on how you fish luncheon meat ive never tried it before but have always seen people get good results

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    It obviously differs from venue to venue but I've found on my local commercial ill feed bottom of shelf little and often 6/8 mm cubes an fish an 8mm cube over the top. Every fish throw a few cubes in an once u get into a rythym u can sack up, fish happy up the shelf now too so u can start @ bottom or top whatever suits u/chosen fishery. I've caught very well and consistently bottom of shelf lately. I'd certainly never leave the house without it!!!!


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      iv done pretty well on strawberry flavoured meat, some venues where the fish have wised up to meat cubes try ripping bits off, its all about experimenting.


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        Meat in the margins is a cracking method! feed 6mm cubes and fish the same on the hook, tight in to the edge if you can, i tend to look for about a foot to 2 foot of water. (you may need to come away from the bank slightly if its too shallow on your own side)

        Also tight accross on a snake lake or lake with an island, again, feed little and often through a little pole pot, ive caught extremely shallow, even down to around 6 - 8 inches inches on this tactic. push your rig right up to the bank and have a very short length of line between pole tip and float, you only need a small float, i generally ise a kamasan B911 in a size 16. The fish just pick the meat up and the next thing you know, your pole elastic is coming out of the end of the pole and the fish is hooked!

        all the best and good luck!
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          I have had some good results with meat mush! cut luncheon meat into 5mm thick slabs, then push through a maggot riddle. feed a potful at the start, and then feed a kinder potful after every fish or missed bite. on the hook use a small cube of meat. tight lines!