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Meat Paste

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  • Meat Paste


    Thinking about trying meat paste on my next match but unfortunately hemp is not allowed.

    Can i use pellet as an alternative and has anybody got any advice on fishing it ?



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    meat paste you are better using the fattier luncheon meat for paste as it binds better,I push it through a metal sieve and it's perfect consistancy as it is,with plumrose you need a little binder with it I use fine brown crumb,just don't make the paste too stiff with the binder as you will miss a lot of bites . you can use pellet use 2mm.


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      Skrettins Micros make good paste & the 6mm make even better paste !! imo


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        Originally posted by BIG COL View Post
        the 6mm make even better paste !! imo
        how to prepare???


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          yeh any tips on making meat paste would be appreciated, i fish alot of paste venues and am thinking of trying something new and meat paste is a good change, some come on guys lets have some tips on how to prepare it.


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            andy findlay meat paste,this is what he does,he puts a couple of tins of ye old oak ham(he said this is the best)thru a maggot riddle,then ads about a third of a tin of superhemp gives it good old mix,gets a big blob of it forms it into a ball,sticks his thumb in places hook(korum s3 10)in the hole moulds it around the hook,dips it into a bowl of water and puts it in a tallish cup and ships out..


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              I open a couple of tins of luncheon meat and put them in the freezer for an hour and a half. I then take them out, cut them into chunks and put them into the liquidizer adding a table spoon of sensas Gold GB. Because the meat is cold the liquizer breaks it into tiny little particles instead of making it all stodgy. then When you at the lake just add a drop of water to get the right texture