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Advice on worms please...

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  • Advice on worms please...

    A few quick points please lads,

    1, After spending 1hr in the dark last night catching some lobbys (and they are damm quick and hard to catch) i have got quite a few left and would like to keep them for next week so advice on how to store them?

    2, How would you say is it best to hook Lobbys as they are bloody big s and what size hook would you use? Size 14 is the biggest hook allowed on the water i fished today but would you use a bigger hook permitting?

    3, Following on from above would you say its best to cut Lobbys in half or just leave them whole? Caught me some munters today using whole worm and got my section off a poor peg usually so a Ritee result, 42lb 6oz for 5 fish and got seen off twice.

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    Anyone??? All the clever anglers are prob still in the pub spending their winnings ? lol thats why i am on here with my can of Cider...


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      I used to keep mine in Moss and damp paper


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        i keep mine in the fridge in peet but never let it dry out keep it damp thay last me over a month or longer , as for hooking them use the head of the worm on the hook ,size 16 or 14 hope this helps mate , if the fish are having it a full worm will do the trick


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          Originally posted by Frisky Fish View Post
          I used to keep mine in Moss and damp paper
          as frisky fish says, but try to keep in the fridge, have had mine last up to 3 months


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            In the fridge!!!!!!! The misses wud go mental if she thought i was puttin Worms in there? I have to hide my maggot tub and say its Pellets... I think the moss and damp paper trick it will have to be for me lads...


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              i keep my bait fridge in the shed