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Angle delight as a micro pellet addative

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  • Angle delight as a micro pellet addative

    Hi I just thought I would share a bait tip and this is my first post too

    When I go on the pellet feeder and using soaked 2mm micro pellets instead of using a sticking agent that some reputable bait dealers sell for loads of money I opt for a cheaper and more effective option and thats a couple of spoonfuls of Angle delight powder the choice of flavour is upto you but I must admit ASDA do a vanilla and a fudge flavour and I aways seem to grab that flavour from my bait store when preparing my soaked micros. It really does give the pellets a sweet aroma and helps the pellets bind together better especially on deeper water were you want the pellets to stay together until the feeder is in situ on the bottom of your swim.

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    Thats a great tip Jammy! welcome aboard mate!


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      Is Angle Delight similar to Angel Delight? lol.. A great tip mate and one i will use thanks....


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        i used strawberry angel delight all last year when feeder fishing in my dampened micros, a whole packet, i had some very good results, i found the strawberry kept the aroma longest