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Worm shelf life

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  • Worm shelf life

    Hi all, im after a little advice about how to store worms, how long will 1 kg of worms last in the sack and soil they come in, also whats the best way to store them? on my garage floor or in the bait fridge, ive had a look using the searh bar but not really found the info im after. Finally where is the best/cheapest place to buy worms, in located in nuneaton.


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    My lad fished a national match on the 16th june, still had 2 match pack of worms left.
    I put them in an old pillow case and hung them ouside on a nail(that was under cover)put a bit of damp newspaper on top, and fed them a bit of mashed patatoe.
    They were still o.k when we used them on sunday the 1st july.
    All the best steve.


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      There is no limit how long they will last if done properly...

      1.Putting them On the garage floor is no good as the lime in the concrete kills them.

      2. Make sure the soil does not dry out. Keep it moist with an atomiser...I keep mine in a Sensas g/b bucket and cover them with a wet rag..(for some reason this stops them climbing out the bucket)

      3. Feed them...I put any old potatoes or greens through a blender and put that in the soil in the bucket.

      4. Keep/store them out of the sun.

      5. A fridge is ok but make sure there are no maggots in there, as the amonia on the Maggots kills the worms.

      6.Hope this helps...I've kept worms for months like this...Just hope the blighters stay in the bucket...GOOD LUCK


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        i keep worms in the same fridge as maggots, worms on the bottom and maggots on the upper shelves and keep them for up to 2 months with no problem


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          Same as Hawb81 keep worms on the bottom shelf and maggots on the top. Usually use them within a week to a month though.


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            keep mine on garage floor in hessian sack never had any problems kept them upto 4 months


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              i keep worms in the same fridge as maggots


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                Im the same as Jamiecather garage floor in the dark moisten every now and then. If you do give them mash tatty done but butter/marg or milk in just use the potato and nothing else. I have had them for months doing this, write the date on the bag when you but them (black felt tip). always make sure as said above no maggots get mixed in with them, also if you are cutting the heads off make sure no dead worms are in the bag, and on no account mix other worms ie: lobbys cause when they go off its must be the worst smell ever.
                Regards Billy Boy :)

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                  Hi, Today I bought a half kilo of worms from Tackle Shack, in Tenlons Road, off heath road. Got to admit, they are very good, big dendrobenas and plenty of them. Not the occasional few worms and plenty of soil, as in some other shops.
                  Try them, you will not be disapointed.


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                    mate many people cant look at a worm and tell if its old or not, as for looking after them its pretty simple keep them in a fridge i do and never had a problem, water them as well, and as for feeding them use a blender get a few carrots and blend them to a pulp like baby food push them into the dirt and leave them mate it blows them back up again like new and thats from our bait supplier hope it helps mate
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