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Worm slop

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  • Worm slop

    Anyone give me some tips on fishing this?? I'm fishing for f1s had a few today shallow on caster but couldn't get them going properly so as to get in a nice rythym. Guy next to me fished pellet an caught a lot less. Was gonna try cupping in casters an some predator plus but didn't bother, would u cup in chopped worm an caster with a slop groundbait or soil??? Fire casters over the top or purely cup it in? Any pointers be appreciated!! Ta

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    Found a thread on it now!! Doh!!!


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      Just use the stuff the worms come it, mixed sloppy, loosefeeding can work but often attracts silvers, try without first and if struggling, try it, if no good, stop!


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        Cheers nath, loose fed casters yesterday had a few bits but only seemed to have them if I struck a bite?? When I kept the line tight to the pole they'd hang themselves an it would always be an f1. Think they'd be a bit more suicidal with a cloud there, well hopefully anyway need all the help I can get with lee Edwards spooning up every week!!! would u fish that same slop down the edge too??


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          Always strike at bites anyway. Can do, yes, i tend to use maggots more now.