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Nash Groundbait

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  • Nash Groundbait

    I Have just been reading the report in Angling Times on The Big Show , and i see Nash Baits have come up with a new idea with a groundbait mix Bug Life. It"s rather expensive, does it come with the activator , how many kg do you get for £14.99 ? Any ideas as to wether or not it would work as a method mix, ? I also like the idea of the Depth Charge Float/ Feeders by Rob Hitchens anyone tried this type of feeder or is this the first of it"s kind. Thanks.

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    The Nash gyro bug groundbait is supplied with the activator liquid.
    you get 1.8 kilo of base mix,240 grams bug and pellet mix,and 250ml of gyro bug it makes roughly 2 kilos when mixed together.
    not tried it as a method mix,but it works well in the Nash Deliverance Ball Maker for firing out balls with a catapult.


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      Thanks , TIDALWAVE I will give it a try, It needs to be something, special with that price tag, but if it helps towards getting a result it"s worth a shot.


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        I will wait to hear the feedback, out of my price range


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          Sounds a bit expensive to fire out in balls with a catty,lol.


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            Originally posted by cornerstone View Post
            Sounds a bit expensive to fire out in balls with a catty,lol.
            It is mainly designed for fishing in conjuction with zig bugs,when zig fishing for the groundbait,which can be fed by catapult,spod,spomb,or in pva contains both sinking and floating riser pellets and dried bugs,which imitate fly lavae,and natural waterlife.