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reaction's to fast biting fish.

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  • reaction's to fast biting fish.

    This may sound a bit of a daft question,

    was a match man 25 yrs ago doing the feeder stick pole etc. always loved my trotting and pleasure float fishing etc

    One thing i alway's do is quivertip with small feeder;s for dace in winter, not done this for a few yrs mainly for going pike/chub fishing when got out.

    i tried the light tip fishing for dace the other day in a local pool that 10 yrs ago had big dace to over 1lb . not quite like that now had a few over 12oz but they are so hard to hit the bite.lightening pulls,

    gear was a 9ft amorphous quiver with 3lb straight through,(crude maybe for you guy's,butt im not serious at this end anymore) simple running 1/2 oz feeder rig to a 20 hook with double maggot. holding the rod with finger on the lie also,(a habit from big bait fishing for chub etc)

    any idea's on a way to improve what im doing, and im only after dace, get the odd roach but this pool don't seem to have much else. thank lee.
    Lee Davison, Period Furniture Restoration, Carpentry. In Norfolk.

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    fish a shorter hook length


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      What distance were you fishing?


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        Use a bolt rig , fix the feeder so it aint running n shorter hooklengths should hook themselves


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          bolt rig may be the obvious answer, im fishing about 25ft out in mid pace and letting it settle on the inside of the pool naturally. there just so blimin quick. im used to chub pulls from recent yrs,there normally there every time it go.

          thanks i try bolt rigging with a 8" hooklink and see if i improve, good sport after the dace. cheers lee.
          Lee Davison, Period Furniture Restoration, Carpentry. In Norfolk.