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Nash / New Groundbait Bug Mix

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  • Nash / New Groundbait Bug Mix

    My mates and I fished our club lake ,all on the method feeder for carp, our normal mix is sonubaits method 50/50 mix ,this I might add works very, very well. I thought I would do things different and try out the new groundbait by Nash Gyro Bug Mix. Now I know It is not a method mix as such, but the way it responds in the water is amazing, and thought it would be ok, becouse It binds to the feeder really well, then breaks down sending bugs and bits to the surface. I also used a zig at different depths over the top of the method line , Carp cought none, not even a liner in four hours of fishing, meanwhile my two mates had thirteen fish between them most about 8lbs. What went wrong any ideas? do you think it was location, or did I use the nash mix to early in the season, as our angling skills are much the same I am at a loss as to why no fish. Is it a case of if its not broke don,t fix it? Many Thanks.

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    sack the bug mix and stick to the sonubaits


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      Thanks Frisky , I will for now, but the Nash must have a slot, it is a very clever mix, its as if a can of coke as been pulled under the water, it sends bits upto the top for hours.
      I will give it a go on the waggler and see what happens ,those fizzing bits,pellets,and bugs must pull the carp in, not going to give up on it just yet. Many Thanks


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        Probably due to fish location and feeding habits on the day.


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          my mate fished that method mix last week i used green ground bait we both had the same number of fish,iv just been and bought two more sacks from J/T NORMAL AND GREEN £21


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            I would think the bug mix may work better in shallow swims, why would fish go looking for food on the bottom if food is coming up to them.
            Doesn't sound a good method mix to me.
            I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
            He says he gives me good advice. does he ?


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              Yes you have a good point there Jethro,
              I was dropping the method into 10ft of water ,to quote Angling Times fish should move down to see where its coming from .
              The 50/50 sonubaits method /paste is good on our water, becouse It binds well to the feeder we can be sure its still on when it gets to the bottom.
              Maybe as you say the Nash bug mix is wrong for the job, I think I will try it out on our other pool ,thats about 4ft deep.
              Thanks for your thoughts guys.