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How to dye hard pellet??

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  • How to dye hard pellet??

    Hi all,

    Has anyone coloured skretting hard pellets and if so what was the best dye and technique. Im looking to do around 10kg of 8mm so any advice would be appreciated.

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    Have only ever dyed pellets after they've been soaked using Mainline Baits Tru Colours boilie dye. It works really well but not sure it'd do much to dry pellets. You could 'skin' the pellets - cover them in water and drain immediately and then dye them and leave them to dry out, but then you'd need to freeze them before using if not using straight away.


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      Bait Paint.


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        Why do you need to dye them?


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          i want to mix it up a bit and go against the norm. Its easy to do with expanders but not tried with a large amount of hard's


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            Ok... im not sure about 10k but i would get a big plastic bag put a pint or so in and pour the red food colouring in from asda/Morrisons little at a time... then blow the bag up and roll round like a mixer. because the colour is spreading over the pellet it doesn't wet them as such. keep adding a bit at a time till they dark enough.

            I have done this with robin red as well and it works


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              any dry hard pellet will only be surface coloured,and the dye will wash off quite quickly when in the can pump hard pellets,to get what are known as blown up pellets,and add dye to them to colour them.


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                If you dye 10 kg of 8mm pellets with no way of drying them you will have 10 kg of ruined 8mm pellets.
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                  I dye my hard pellets the night before but only what I need so 3 pint tub with pellet then 1.5pints of water then add dye ( I use main line tru colours) mix in the water with the pellets until just covered then put the lid on and give em a good shake down fall is they won't be hard any more but they are heavier as the are weighted by the water content and still shoot well out the catty I use dynamite pellets so not sure what consistency u will get I guess there all pretty much the same tbh advantage is also look like they been on the bottom longer as already took water on board but that would mean fishing on the deck as well as up in the water
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