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meathod feeder fishing

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  • meathod feeder fishing

    hi I am no novice to the method feeder, it works fine for me against a feature but try as I may in the open water its always a none starter, what ever the breaking strain of line for the hook length. the waters I fish are stuffed full of fish, take Sundays match I chucked out the banjo nothing then the paste bomb, to pulls that was it came in the edge with corn 103lb good enough for a section win. I watched a dvd with tom Pickering fishing the banjo in open water bang going round every chuck my set up is exactly the same but makes no difference is it me or are there lakes that are stuffed to the gunnels that it just dose not work in.

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    If the fish aren't where you are putting your feeder you won't catch them it's as simple as that. The most important thing is a bit of watercraft, look for signs of fish such as topping and bubble action and you are sure to catch if you put the feeder right on their heads. Also try and find some good underwater features if you can.


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      I think the video you watched with TOMMY was on Jenny's at Whiteacres. He was fishing on a bar where the fish naturally patrol